Abigail Riccards
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"Ms. Riccards is a noteworthy addition to the roster of young singers. She has a warm, melodious voice and she knows a thing or two about phrasing. One of my former students, she was already steeped in the tradition of the great singers."
- Pianist Mulgrew Miller

"Abby Riccards is a rare treasure on the jazz vocal scene, and one of my favorite singers to hear live. Her sincerity and musicianship beautifully compliment her lovely instrument, she has exquisite taste...and most of all, when she sings a lyric, I believe her."
- Vocalist Jane Monheit

"Abigail Riccards has the voice of an angel with her beautiful clear, pure tone..her honest and genuine way of telling a story. Her knowledge of the music shines through on every note!"
- Pianist and Vocalist Dena Derose

"Abigail captivates her audience with her warm stage presence, her beautiful, lilting voice and tasteful and intelligent song selection. She is a true musician who sings from the heart."
- Gianni Valenti, owner of Birdland Jazz Club, New York City


"Abigail Riccards has, across a decade-long career, mastered the increasingly dangerous art of making less more. Think Doris Day with Anita O'Day jazz smarts."
- Christopher Loudon, JazzTimes, Nov. 2013

"Abigail Riccards, showed an uncommonly sweet tone, a wise way with a lyric and some fine scat singing [and had a] big-and-brassy finish."
- Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

"She can make outstanding drama with her naked voice and bring a smile to your face with her spunky delivery"
- James Hale, Downbeat Magazine

"Her voice is attractive... Whenever Ms. Riccards is called upon to hit an unusual note, she nails it."
- Scott Yanow, LA Jazz Scene

"A relative newcomer to Chicago's rich vocal jazz scene, her ascendance toward the top of the heap has been swift and well deserved. Recently, she released a new album, and it's a fantastic calling card for her talents'Riccards' phrasing is dead on, and she's got great control of her voice."
- Paul Abella, Chicago Jazz Magazine

"With the growing volume of female jazz vocalists putting out new CDs every year, it is hard for each of them to catch sufficient media attention. But Abigail Riccards' debut recording avoids the typical mistakes many of them make. Gifted with a warm, expressive voice and clear diction, she chose material that fit her well'Riccards especially proves her depth as an interpreter'an outstanding debut effort by the promising jazz vocalist Abigail Riccards."
- Ken Dryden, All Music Guide

Her versatility is on display with her interpretations, which flow smoothly from her lips revealing a vulnerability that is buried deep inside the music. Her heartbreaking delivery of romantic ballads is heard'but is infused with jazz sensibilities.
- Hrayr Attarian, Chicago Jazz Magazine

"Riccards' instrument is one that is at once fresh and practiced. [Her] alto possesses an exegesis of the singer's art, able to fit anywhere".
- C. Michael Bailey, allaboutjazz.com

"She does them so well in a wonderfully clean voice the production is a good example of how music does not need a major label to be good."
- Bob Karlovits, Triblive.com

"Abigail Riccards is a bright new presence in the world of jazz vocals. Her voice is clear, strong and appealing. She has mastered the art of reading lyrics directly and with the proper emotion. Her musical sense is right on target'giving it a lightness that so many singers have not found. Abigail Riccards is a young lady who knows how to sing, and deserves wide recognition."
- Jersey Jazz Journal

"Abigail Riccards is and will always be a vital component of the jazz industry."
- Birmingham Times

"You know that cliché about a voice so beautiful that you wouldn't mind it singing the phone book? I'm ashamed to say that I've got to dust that one off for Abigail Riccards and oh, the vocals! Riccards has a lovely, finely textured voice and the delicate trills added at each line's end made me wish I'd known this version forever."
- Mark Saleski, www.jazz.com

"The heralded arrival of any new singing sensation is oftentimes met with caution, but in the case of Abigail Riccards' 'With a gorgeous voice that's filled with warmth and poise, and a style that equals celebrated peers Jane Monheit and Diana Krall, Riccards sings with genuineness without mimicking the great singers who have come before her'when it's all said and done the proof exists in the package: the songs, the music and the striking voice of a talented new singer who shines brightly."
- Mark F. Turner, www.allaboutjazz.com

"Abigail Riccards, light-hearted yet deep, makes familiar songs glow in witty, authentic ways. Her art is deceptively simple, but her understated, genuinely musical creations make our hearts sing."
- Michael Steinman, JAZZ LIVES!

" Riccards stays true to the formula, launching her recording career with an album of standards. Her vocal style and the fresh arrangements make [her] more adventurous than others"
- Woodrow Wilkins, www.allaboutjazz.com

"One of the pleasures of hearing debut albums from aspiring jazz singers is to get an inkling of who the real talents are. In the case of Abigail Riccards, she clearly has a future."
- Michael P. Gladstone, www.allaboutjazz.com